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Hey there! I’m Kelly – Holistic Business Coach + Blogger 👋

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I’m here to help you with Accountability, Your Holistic Lifestyle & Mindset, and maybe even some healthy cooking…
so you can FEEL GOOD while going after your BIG GOALS.

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Healthy Cooking Tips & Recipes:
Hi I’m Kelly

Hey there friend,

Have you realized that sisterhood and community are the key to success?

Are you looking to create a system for accountability so you can finally hit your goals?

Great. You’re in the right place.

When I realized community was the key to my success, I created a group to help myself and my biz gal pals with accountability, focus, and clarity. Dozens of women have joined me on this journey so far as we Start Small and Grow Big – together. My goal is to have 80 new women join me by the end of the year in our boutique coaching mastermind where we co-create, hold each other accountable, and achieve great things. It’s called the Start Small Grow Big Club. Want to know more?

I’m a wildly passionate cheerleader for you and your goals. When I’m not coaching, I’m dancing in my kitchen cooking or out exploring new eateries, living my best life at the beach.

My story of traveling through this online biz world…

Picture this. It was 2011. I had a kid who needed healthy food in her life. Wait, who am I kidding, I needed it too! I was a somewhat single mom, always on a tight budget, searching for that coveted work-life balance, and the best foods for me and my daughter. I turned to the internet for answers.

“Google.. tell me how to feed my kid healthy food for $20 a week.”

One search led to another, and it hit me. There’s people who work online as health coaches. I want to do that!

I became a holistic health coach, wrote a cookbook used my then decade of self employment experience as I adventured into the online world. It’s been a rollercoaster learning the in’s and out’s. I’m here to save you time with hacks to short cut your learning curves.

“Google: Search how to make 6-figures a year in an online business.”

I mean, we’ve all googled it or something close at least once, I’m sure…

The answers always blow my mind 🤯 Not only are they pretty much all fake but I tried mastering what the “gurus” were telling me. I burned out trying to do what others were inauthentically saying they are doing and found my own way to my our success and dream life.

Who’s dreams are you chasing anyway??

Stop listening to all.the.influencing.gurus. Listen to your heart.

Last year, during the 2020 pandemic, I’ve finally overcame the trauma I experienced as a kid to now use my voice and finally do what I’ve truly been wanting to do for yearsbut I didn’t in the past because I didn’t think I was enough, coaching other female small business owners with big dreams like mine.

Ever feel like you’re not enough?

Stop that too. You know more than you give yourself credit.

After a big ego check, I started sharing consistently and authentically, from where I was, just starting out as a business coach. I took all my online experience to pivot my health coaching biz to include business coaching and building online courses. We have a mastermind accountability group too. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I teach FIVE systems so you can find your success.

Find Your Goals, Find Your Voice + Build Your Dream Business.

If I can do it, you can too. I’m here to show you how.

As a holistic business coach I focus on a healthy work-life balance approach. I created not only a blessed life, but a path for other busy, motivated, women (most of them moms just like me) to do it too!

Happy You’re Here!

Any business worth building takes time.

This page, like my business, will continue to evolve.

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Ps. I share my news with my email buddies and the insiders in the Start Small Grow Big Club- first. What’s The Club? Only the best place for women to work together and grow their businesses!

The Start Small Grow Big Club is a private, safe space for women to chat about the real life pros & cons of running an online business – the conversations we all need to be having – from tech talks to dealing with mom brain to finally getting it done! We focus on goals and what it takes to make them come to life. Pick Your Path with 3 group coaching options starting at $10 a month.

When you join my email list, I’ll send you my Reboot Your Body+Mind in 24:Hours ebook. This baby is going on my shop page soon, grab it while it’s free!

Focus on one thing at a time. Make those mini-goals = big goals.


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Coaching & Accountability:

If you’re a beginner or if you’re an expert, I believe we all are always growing.

I share journals, workshops, and coaching of all kinds to help you get to that magical place you want to go.

Mindset, Health, and Business. Let’s work on it all!

resourceful – balanced – celebrated

“You really don’t know your highest potential until you work with a coach who gets you.” – Kelly

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