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Hey there! I’m Kelly – Holistic Business Coach, Author + Blogger

Start Here: Feel Good.

Hi I’m Kelly

Hey there friend,

You’ve stumbled onto my little place of the online world that’s evolving at the moment. It’s not a perfectly plotted copy-written optimized website… nope it’s just a hub where I bring it all together as I grow the blog.

If you’re looking for more from me, HealthCoachKel:

I’m here to help you with accountability, a holistic business mindset, and maybe even some healthy cooking + product swap suggestions… so you can FEEL GOOD while going after your BIG GOALS and living a fun, healthy lifestyle working your business your way.

My Motto: Eat. Dream. Do. EAT and fuel your body/ mind with the good stuff first, so you can DREAM big, being confident you have all the energy and tools you need to DO the work.

My breaking point and big shift in life + business came after struggling with a broken unbalanced system which led to my body (and the rest of my life too) to completely crashing right around the time I was ready to publish my cookbook in 2013. That’s a story for another time… I’ll share that again soon.

It wasn’t until I realized COMMUNITY was the key to my success, that I saw real change.. because doing it alone was NOT working…

Since then I’ve been honored to work with so many amazing women on websites, managing a thriving Facebook community, recipe writing, design work of ALL kinds and truly so much more, I don’t even know where to begin with a list of ways I can help. I do have over 100+ workshops and 25+ journals and planners from the last 2 year alone, created to help women like me get there faster.

So, I created a Club to help myself and my biz gal pals with accountability, focus, and clarity packed full with the business tools and systems you need. Dozens of women have joined me on this journey so far as we start small and grow big – together. This is a rare, boutique-like custom made coaching + mastermind experience plus a member area with resources galore, where we meet weekly, co-create, hold each other accountable, and achieve great things. It’s called the Start Small Grow Big Club.

What’s in store for Healthcoachkel in 2022?

Currently, I’m working on publishing a revised 2022 version of my cookbook, Healthy Cooking 101. Taking all the old 2012-2014 content (cooking videos, pdf’s and graphics) and giving it a new look- yes photos of all the recipes for starters, with a new twist and adding in a few bonus hacks I’ve learned the past decade.

I’m mostly in design mode these days, buried in my laptop bringing this creation to life, but I can’t help wanting to share these tips now.

If you want to get started and not wait for the big reveal in later in 2022, you can join Healthy Cooking 101 now. You get the the current Healthy Cooking 101 cookbook and reserve a digital copy once released – plus immediate access to the member area where I walk you through the 5 Things You Must Do to Eat Real Food. It’s like a BOGO Cookbook offer AND a free $97 course.

Details on both these programs – the only 2 ways to work with me right now- are below.

If you’ve got questions about balancing it all? You’re in the right place.

I’m a wildly passionate cheerleader for you and your goals with systems to help you get it done. When I’m not coaching, I’m dancing and cooking in our kitchen or out exploring new eateries, living my best life at the beach.

Focus on one thing at a time. Make those mini-goals = big goals.


Thanks for popping in,

here’s what’s in it for you:

Weekly Free Coaching & Content Drops

Grab free coaching here on the blog, on my Facebook Page, in your weekly email from me, over on Instagram & maybe even Clubhouse too!

Find me everywhere @healthcoachkel

Coaching & Accountability:

If you’re a beginner or if you’re an expert, I believe we all are always growing.

I share journals, workshops, and coaching of all kinds to help you get to that magical place you want to go.

Mindset, Health, and Business. Let’s work on it all!

resourceful – balanced – celebrated

“You really don’t know your highest potential until you work with a coach who gets you.” – Kelly

Follow me on your favorite social place for more. Can’t wait to get to know you a little bit better 🤩

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